I create playful abstractions that explore the intersection of memory and imagination.

As far back as I can remember my memories are tied to the light and color of what is around me. The dance of sunlight, patterns in the landscape – natural or manmade – and the way things move, all find their way into my art. Playing with color, light, pattern and rhythm are as natural to me as breathing. I use a variety of materials and techniques, fully embracing the mix in mixed media. I seek to recognize and capture my experience of the world as I create. Each work is a conversation between the materials, the artwork and myself.

There is joy in creating and ultimately sharing my work with others. My hope is that the viewer can discover connections in my art that resonate for them. While that is my hope, it is not an intentional part of my process. Leaving the work open ended allows me to learn from what others see in my art.