The patterns and rhythms of place explored through colorful expression.
As far back as I can remember my memories are tied to the light and color of what is around me. The dance of sunlight, patterns in the landscape – natural or manmade and the way things move, all find their way into my art. Playing with color, light, pattern and rhythm are as natural to me as breathing. I seek to capture that essence in my artwork. I explore gesture and pattern using acrylic paints and mediums, mixing them with self-made patterned papers and other materials. Each work is a conversation between myself, the materials and my experience of the world.

I love to exploit the nature of paper and paint to create patterns that are organic in feel. Using found objects as tools is a frequent source of exploration. Technically this is a form of monotype which evolves in an unconstrained and instinctual manner. I have named this technique “grunge printing” for its primal, informal characteristics. The unpredictability of allowing the materials to be themselves is a strong part of the appeal for me. While papers are sometimes evocative of one another they are never alike. They each carry their own identity.

I combine my papers with painted surfaces. Usually I begin with an idea of the basic elements and direction I want to go. Paint is applied to the support followed by layers of papers, more paint. As a piece evolves the choices are dictated by what the piece needs. Discovering the journey of each piece is the best part. It opens up new conversations that inspire and inform new paths of expression. Ultimately the conversation extends itself to you, the viewer. Making that connection, bridging our mutual experience, is the reward.