Gretchen was born and raised in Connecticut. She has lived in the Hartford area except for a twelve year period when she lived and worked in New York City. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute of Art and worked for art book publishers, Harry N. Abrams and Stewart, Tabori and Chang, before returning to Connecticut.

A life long passion for all things cultural has lead Gretchen to explore abstraction and mixed media. In her artwork, a natural inclination for the colorful is met with a curiosity for mixing patterns and motifs. Each work begins with a boldly painted surface which evolves through a variety of media into responses and ideas from all that went before. “I seek to encourage viewers to explore and identify their own experiences within my work, just as I have explored my own memories through my creative process. It is not about having the same memory. It is about how we can share the same visual experience and our personal archetypes remain individual. I find that both encouraging and beautiful.

Gretchen pursues expansion of her visual horizons through continued study as well as membership in local artists critique groups; mixus and Syntax. Gretchen works as a graphic designer from her home in West Hartford, Connecticut where she lives with her husband, Dan.